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Home to beautiful handmade greeting cards, wedding invitations, birthday cards and so much more for over 12 years on the web.  We have  recently shifted our focus to digital art and transformed our business into digital art that is available as greeting cards, fine art prints, posters, pillows, cell phone covers and so much more.  The explosion in the demand for ecards due to the smart phone and tablet revolution has led us to transform our business model from handmade cards to digital images.
Our purpose at Creative Cards 4U is to support and value hardworking creative individuals through the promotion of artwork and digital artwork for cards, invitations and crafts.  We believe that it is empowering to the creative spirit and the world to purchase cards that are created by individual artists.  We want to show our appreciation for the care and effort it takes to create and design images and artwork.  Creation is a gift we all benefit from.  Thank you for joining us in support of  digital art, cards and gifts and the artists who make them.

-Creative Cards 4U Team
Digital art greeting cards and wedding invitations that are themselves gifts. 
Christmas cards, Birthday, Valentine's and more.
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Thank You for visiting Creative Cards 4U, we are celebrating 12 years online as your trusted source for  beautiful greeting cards, digital art, unique gifts, invites, creative birthday cards, Christmas cards and all occasions plus wedding cards. We are excited to help you with card ideas and finding the artwork that is just right for your needs.  We truly appreciate your support of creative people and artists.